Tips for Selling in a Competitive Market

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Tips for Selling in a Competitive Market   What a massive turnaround our local market is experiencing- finally! While things are absolutely looking good for the Arizona market right now, there are still some price points and areas of the Tucson and it’s outlying areas that are quite competitive. When it comes to selling a home, few things can be …

At home on Halloween- House Related Superstitions

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Suspect your house has ghosts, spirits, the evil eye or bad juju in general? Experts in shamanic and spiritual cleansing recommend burning white sage (found at Sprouts, Whole Foods and also my new favorite, Natural Grocers at Oracle and Orange Grove) and ringing bells or sounding chimes to clear out house.  Frankincense Resin and copal tree resin (a favorite of …

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Top 5 things you should be doing NOW to sell your Tucson area home this fall or winter

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Waiting until fall or winter to sell your Tucson area property? Here are the top 5 things you should be doing NOW to ensure a successful cooler temperature sale. #1 Strategic planting & trimming Is your backyard lacking privacy? Do you have the not-so-lovely view of your neighbors trash cans or pool equipment outside of your kitchen window? When you …

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Nightmare neighbors? Here’s help.

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You scoured the area until you found your dream neighborhood to put down roots. After time (and money) spent you finally have a peaceful place to seek refuge after work, create happy memories and just enjoy the Great American Dream. Until you realize your new neighbor likes to party until 3 am several nights a week, turns their garage into a …

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American dream of home ownership alive & well!

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“Real estate is still the best long term investment- and the American dream of homeownership is still alive and well!” Naturally, you would expect those words to come out of a real estate agents mouth! But would you be surprised to know that the general consensus of most Americans (non-REALTORS®)? The boom and bust crushed Americans faith in property as …

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Can a real estate agent tell me about demographics and crime?

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“Is this a good neighborhood?” “Is there any crime in this neighborhood?” “I’m retired, and I don’t like noise. Are there lots of kids in this neighborhood?”   The Fair Housing Act prohibits agents from rendering an opinion on any of the above mentioned, including the status of an area. However, we can point you in the direction of resources that can …

House Swap Limbo

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“I don’t want to list my house until I find the perfect house for me to move in to.” If this is your mindset- this post is for you! Unless you are qualified to purchase a new home without selling yours, or have cash to buy- you really could be shooting yourself in the foot- and here is why. The …