Good neighborhood Oro Valley AZ

Nightmare neighbors? Here’s help.

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You scoured the area until you found your dream neighborhood to put down roots. After time (and money) spent you finally have a peaceful place to seek refuge after work, create happy memories and just enjoy the Great American Dream. Until you realize your new neighbor likes to party until 3 am several nights a week, turns their garage into a …

good neighborhood oro valley

Can a real estate agent tell me about demographics and crime?

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“Is this a good neighborhood?” “Is there any crime in this neighborhood?” “I’m retired, and I don’t like noise. Are there lots of kids in this neighborhood?”   The Fair Housing Act prohibits agents from rendering an opinion on any of the above mentioned, including the status of an area. However, we can point you in the direction of resources that can …

grout and tile cleaning oro valley az

Fix your dirty grout- in a snap!

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Floor tile with dirty grout-ugh. Here is Arizona so many homes have tile- and we see this problem a lot.  When your tile and grout is light colored- the problem becomes a real eyesore. And if you are thinking of selling your house, this is definitely something potential buyers will notice.  There are companies that will come and clean it …

House Swap Limbo

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“I don’t want to list my house until I find the perfect house for me to move in to.” If this is your mindset- this post is for you! Unless you are qualified to purchase a new home without selling yours, or have cash to buy- you really could be shooting yourself in the foot- and here is why. The …

Housing market Tucson & Phoenix

Mid Year Housing Report for Tucson Area 2014

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The housing market in Arizona started recovering off its lows in early 2012, as investors took advantage of eroded prices and distressed properties. As the market has recovered, prices have begun to rise off lows and the supply of distressed properties has diminished, resulting in a more normal and balanced market. As investors have retreated in 2014, sales have adjusted …

Visiting snowbirds fuel demand for attractive seasonal rentals

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(Previously published) Mild Tucson winter draws in the birds! As you are driving around this week, enjoying the warmest winter on record for Tucson, I am betting you see several out of state license plates, maybe even a few from as far north as Alberta, Canada. The snowbirds are here in full force, and after the pounding the rest of …

Don’t get stung by deferred maintenance!

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I received an alarming photo via email this week from my mother with the ominous subject line: “BEES”.  I immediately called and she sounded rather dejected.  It appeared that while my father was out of town she decided to get some overdue organizing done, and had discovered an enormous beehive in their attic crawlspace.  Let’s shelf my reaction when I …

QUESTION: I am moving to or from the Tucson area from another city, state or country. Can you help me find an agent in the other area?

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Absolutely- but we limit it to the US and Canada at this time. We will ask you some questions about your existing out of Tucson property and your selling goals- or about your desires for a new property should you be moving out of the Tucson area, and do the legwork to find the best agent for you. We have …

Desert Dweller Tips For Selling With High ROI

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So you have decided that the time is right to sell your home in the Oro Valley, Marana or Tucson area? There are several things you can do beside cleaning, packing away items and staging to make your home more attractive to potential buyers- netting you a faster sale and possibly more money. Let’s look to the kitchen first. If …