Determining The One

Sometimes, the second you walk into a property you know it is the perfect home for you. Other times, you might not be wowed at first look, but after sleeping on it and re-visiting it started to grow on you. Some clients see several homes that have all their criteria met, and are faced with selecting one to make an offer on. We are here to guide you through this decision making process. Choosing a home can be overwhelming, but we will assist you and will point out the positive and the negatives to properties, highlighting the roles these factors might play in your lifestyle and needs. Potential resale pitfalls will also be addressed, as this should (in most cases) also play a role in your selection. We don't ever want you to buy a home that will be tough to sell later.

When you are struggling with the decision, putting pen to paper can really help. List out all the positives and negatives—and then assign them "importance levels" (for example, A, B and C, with A being top priority). After looking at things from a logic standpoint, ask yourself how you feel about it emotionally. Do you feel like you can make the house your own? Do you feel a sense of excitement—nerves of uncertainty? Asking yourself and anyone who will be living there how the property makes them feel can tell you whether it is the place for you or should go in the "discard" stack.