Dress up your décor—CLEAN and COOL the air in your home or office with PLANTS

Phytoremediation—it’s a real thing!!
One of the first things I do when staging a home is add a few plants. They add a pop of color and life that can really jazz up a room. For the purposes of the photo shoot these plants are usually faux, but in our own home we have live plants everywhere. Their amazing little pores “inhale” the hot air, which is also usually laden with gases like carbon dioxide, benzene, formaldehyde and more. They then EXHALE purified, cooler, moister air through a process called transpiration. Yes, actually COOLER. Not only that, a Penn State study showed that plants can actually bring down ozone levels faster in a closed, controlled environment. (BTW, formaldehyde is common preservative and adhesive found in in furniture, carpets,window treatments, particleboard and plywood paneling—as well some fabric softeners and dish soap, YIKES. Want to learn more about household pollution? Check this site.)
And if all that isn’t enough, plants have been shown to help improve mood and the “happiness” factor in studies. What are you waiting for? 😊 (Be sure to make sure any new plants you bring in the home are safe for your pets or other family members that might want to eat them.)
Get creative with how you pot the plants— chic, fun and inexpensive ideas are everywhere.

Now…onto the plants! 
Spider plants— my personal fave. Firstly, they are not toxic to our little cat Beans. Spider plants are ultra-easy to grow, and develop little “babies” which can easily be proprogated into new plants. Before long you will have a little jungle and extras to give to your friends! One of the top air cleaning plants.
Aloe Vera— renowned for not only a first aid salve, this on-trend stylish plant also removes formaldehyde from the air.
Ficus— forget the faux ficus in the wicker basket look. A real ficus in an appropriately scaled modern minimal pot can be a gorgeous statement piece for any room.
Areca Palm—excellent for benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene removal
Fern —great for removing formaldehyde.
Snake Plant— again, super statement plant. Potted and placed appropriately, it is a piece of art.

More superstar air cleaners….
Golden Pothos
Parlor Palm—another one safe for kitties!
Peace Lily
Chinese Evergreen
English Ivy
Bamboo Palm
Gerbera Daisy

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