At home on Halloween- House Related Superstitions

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Suspect your house has ghosts, spirits, the evil eye or bad juju in general? Experts in shamanic and spiritual cleansing recommend burning white sage (found at Sprouts, Whole Foods and also my new favorite, Natural Grocers at Oracle and Orange Grove) and ringing bells or sounding chimes to clear out house.  Frankincense Resin and copal tree resin (a favorite of the Aztecs and Mayans) are also popular to burn and then allow smoke to circulate through the house. Some cultures advocate washing down doors, windows and doorknobs with solution of ammonia or vinegar, lemons and water (while I don’t know how effective it would be against evil spirits, clean doorknobs probably would help ward off germ exchange).  Another technique said to help absorb negative energy is to sprinkle sea salt in the corners of each room and leave it for 48 hours. Vacuum it up and empty the bag or canister into the outdoor garbage. The West Africans believe that it is unlucky to sweep floors at night, or you may brush away good fortune that has been collecting. So put the vacuum down after 7 pm and go relax!

Planting red by the door is considered to be very lucky. Many Greek homes have a cactus growing near its door – they believe that it wards off the evil eye and bad luck. Conversely, some people believe that this practice will keep all people away- not so great for your social life!

In the south, some people paint the front of their homes blue in order to ward away ghosts.  The thought was the ghosts may mistake your porch for being a body of water, and simply pass over it. I would not recommend this around here- your HOA will most certainly be in touch if you do.

Want some extra luck when buying or selling your house?

If you are buying, don’t take an old broom with you. Get a new one and before you move any of your belongings in carry it, a loaf of bread and some salt (sprinkle a little at the threshold) through the main entry to ensure good luck and guard against misfortune.

Having a hard time selling your home? Maybe you need the extra assistance of the “Underground Agent”  St. Joseph. You don’t have to be Catholic to enlist his help.  Just buy the little statue for around five dollars, bury him according to direction, and say your prayers for help. It is also recommended that you dig him up after the house sells.  This eco friendly saint is reusable. 😉

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