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Feeling a little blah and unenergized lately? Look around your house. There is new science emerging that our surroundings play a huge role in our moods, affecting productivity, happiness and more.  If you don’t feel a little surge of cheer or inspiration at the state of it or the decor- it is time to shake things up a bit. Don’t worry—I don’t necessarily mean moving to a new house, but instead finding easy and inexpensive ways to fall back in love with the one you have.

First off— the “un fun” tasks (but keep reading, because I found a way to make it EASY). Remove clutter—especially in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms. This is an absolute must, or the excess junk will just continue to weigh you down and distract you. Decide what absolutely must stay on the countertops and stow away the rest. Is it impossible for you to get rid of things? Try the Kon Mari method of clutter removal. Pick each item up and ask yourself if it brings you joy. If not—donate, sell or trash it accordingly. I used to always try different systems like “if you haven’t worn or used it in a year discard it” but they ended in total failure. I would end up keeping things that I didn’t really like or didn’t fit because it was expensive, or a gift. I am also the master at justifying why I should keep something as I may need it someday. True, there are some utilitarian items that you have to keep but don’t necessarily bring you joy (hello, toilet plunger), so just use common sense and stash them out of sight. The Kon Mari Joy method made a huge impact at our house, and now I am surrounded mostly by only things that bring me joy. Instant lift for free!

Kon Mari book is a life changer!

Kon Mari book is a life changer!

Before you start sprucing further, make sure you remove or repair broken items— not only will your home look better, but it won’t continue to drive you crazy every time the gate door falls off, and gluing in those loose dining room chairs will ensure that you don’t have to tighten them every time you have people for dinner for fear of incident. Ok- that is the end of the drudgework– on to the fun stuff!

Now that you have gone through your house and probably found a few lost items that bring you joy, put a few of them out! This is SO important—you want to look at things that elevate and inspire your mood! Those bare countertops and coffee tables can now host something artful and attractive—something that makes you happy when you look at it. And if it is a little quirky, all the better! I love books— they just make me happy—so I have them in every room of my house- and have incorporated them into the décor in certain areas. And stop saving the “good” dishes and stemware for special occasions—if you like them use them often, if not every day.

Rearranging furniture from time to time, or at least rearranging your chachkies and artwork can make a space seem fresh again (some cultures also say it stirs up good chi energy). You don’t have to follow any real set of rules- just do what works for your lifestyle and suits your tastes. Swapping out curtains, finding a new duvet cover or painting a feature wall can make a big impact. One of my personal favorites is to change the throw pillows in a living space. You can make both the room and your existing furniture look very different. Choose a base set of pillows, then select a couple in an unusual fabric, perhaps velvet or a soft burlap (I have a couple I love that look like a cream cable knit sweater) , or a punchy print that complements the basic pillows to liven things up. (My poor husband is sighing—“again with new pillows??” He has seen a lot of new sets rolling in these last 14 years. LOL. But they really can make a room look quite different for little investment.) Are you especially crafty? Repurpose old cashmere sweaters or silk scarves into pillow covers- luxurious!

Splurge on some new towels and a new shower curtain in the bathroom if yours are looking past their prime. Store toiletries and put something beautiful on the counter that you absolutely love instead. You will be happy every time you see it.

Books as decor

Books as decor

Artistically inclined? If not, don’t worry!! You Tube and Pinterest (click the link for a ton of DIY wall art ideas) provide thousands of ideas and hundreds of tutorials on easy to do art projects- literally “no talent necessary” (I speak from experience!). A few times a year Michael’s has “buy one canvas, get one for a penny” deals. Take advantage and with a little creativity you can create new art for your home without breaking the bank. Old furniture can be painted and reupholstered if your budget doesn’t allow for new pieces to replace outdated ones. Don’t forget the space where you enter and leave your home. If you go through the front, put out a new doormat and a pretty plant. If you go through the garage or laundry make sure those spaces are tidy and well lit.

Last but not least, set the mood. Change the vibe instantly by switching off CNN and putting on some good music instead. Light some subtly scented candles and enjoy your fresh “new” place!

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