Closing Escrow


Closing Escrow

You are so close! There are a few things that need to be accomplished before the transfer of ownership. A final walk through of the property must be completed, unless the buyers waive this right. This is a time for the buyers to look at the property and make sure that nothing has changed unexpectedly, such as removal of fixtures, damage, etc; as well as a chance to make certain that repairs agreed upon have been completed. For example, if there was a Bosch stainless steel refrigerator that was supposed to be included in the sale, and when the buyers discover at the final walk through it has been replaced by a different one— they have the right to delay the closing until the situation is remedied. On occasion, things like this occur. Please, please do not switch out any included appliances, remove fixtures or otherwise alter the property in any way except for repairs you have agreed to. You will jeopardize the closing if you do so. Every tree, every door handle, every faucet must be as it was at the time of the contract. Please don’t forget to leave extra keys (door and mailboxes) and garage door openers!

Generally, the final walk through is done a few days before the actual close of escrow and recordation of the new deed with the county. In addition, a few days before the closing you will sign the documents needed to close. This can be done in an hour or 2, and we will usually meet at the title company to accomplish this. If you are out of town, the documents can be sent to another title company near you, or failing that, can be signed and notarized at a bank or by using a mobile notary for a fee. If you are out of town, allow a couple more days as documents will need to be overnighted to you, and then overnighted back.

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