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There really are no two properties alike. Even if they are carbon copies structurally and cosmetically, neither can occupy the exact same spot. Differences in lot and orientation can make to very similar looking properties very different. Factor in that most homes are not cosmetically identical, especially resale homes that owners have modified over the years, and you will see that every home is unique unto itself. It is crucial that we are able to see your property before moving forward with talks of listing.

Talking with you is equally important. Your needs, goals and motivations will play a large part in how the listing process is structured. From pricing to showings, timelines to the smallest of details, tailoring the listing arrangements around you and your property are paramount to us. Some example questions to expect- “Why are you selling?” “What are your plans when you sell?” “Will the property be occupied during the listing, and if so- what is your schedule and lifestyle like?” “Are there pets in the house?” “If there are things you could do to possibly receive a higher price for your home or sell it faster, are you willing to consider them?” “What are some things that you really liked about this property?” “Are you willing to allow open houses?”

There is some homework we would like you to prepare for us. Please call your lender if you have a mortgage and find out what your “pay off amount” is. Contacting your lender is a sure way to have the accurate amount, and that will allow you (and us!) to move forward with certainty and confidence. Also, if there are things you have done to the property (remodeling, extensive repairs, new pool, etc.) please jot these down with a few details. Example- “Polybutelene pipes replaced in 2002 by XYX Plumbing, exterior and interior painted in 2014, new windows by XYZ installed in 2010” or “New addition in 2009, have all permits and receipts”. We also ask you to work on filling out the required Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement (SPDS). We will provide you with this form when we sign the listing agreement. You must fill this out honestly and to the very best of your knowledge. Failure to make disclosures can hold legal and financial repercussions. If you have questions about this form, please ask us!

This is also time to ask us any questions you might have as well as ask for references. We want you to feel very comfortable with your decision to hire us, so ask away!

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