Showings and Showing Follow Up


Showings and Showing Follow Up

An agent just called and wants to show your property. Hopefully, your home is show ready with dishes done, garbage out, pet messes cleaned up, and bathrooms fresh and tidy. (Let us know if you would like one of our helpful Emergency Showing Tips and Checklists that we created for our clients.) 

Unless you are physically unable you should leave the property for all showings—just staying in another room is not really good enough. We can speak from experience that buyers are put off when the owner is at home, and they can’t wait to leave. If a buyer stays in your property for three minutes because they feel uncomfortable, all of the hard work that you (and we) have done is wasted. 

Please also remove or secure all your furry children from the home. We are HUGE pet lovers and have our own, but please understand that it can put off buyers during showings. (Here are two of many stories—it is hard to focus on seeing a house when there is a Great Dane in the living room stashed in the largest kennel I have ever seen barking and scratching the cage door the entire time. Our buyers just wanted to get out of the house. In the case of one of our listings, a very large dog that was fine with it's owners became quite terrified when an agent would show the house and quite literally lose control of it's also rather large bladder all over the floor in front of potential buyers, bless it's heart. It was a bad scene. :-/) You don't really know how your pet will react without you and when strangers are invading their space. Cats are sometimes a bit trickier as they are difficult to remove and kennel. If they need to stay in the house, we will put notes on the doors as well as a note in the showing instructions. We don't want any kitty escape artists. For the comfort and safety of your pets, as well as a more successful showing, please do what you can. 🙂 

It is crucial that attempts at follow up with agents who have shown your property are made every time. To this end, our lockboxes are equipped with an email alert system that notifies us when the box is accessed, and by whom. Even if you are at home, and able to let the agent in, please remind them to use the lockbox. This way we have an electronic record and will be able to follow up promptly!  Not all agents are great at responding to feedback—many times it takes a few emails and phone calls to elicit a reply—and sometimes there will never be a response. When we do have feedback to report, we will always pass it along to you.

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