The Offer


The Offer

Fantastic—your property just received an offer! We will get it to you as soon as we receive it, and carefully go over the details of the offer, as well as provide you with a "cost sheet" which outlines the credits and debits you can expect, along with an approximate (usually VERY close) net amount. (This is another reason we want you to have your most current mortgage payoff amount, if you have a mortgage. The more accurate the numbers we have, the better projection we can give you.) The offer will also include a deadline for response, and it must be adhered to or the offer can expire. Even if the offer is “insultingly” low—we encourage you to counter back—even at full price. Sometimes people just want to see what they can get accepted, and have room to increase their offer. Don't take it personally! A few counter offers may fly back and forth over the period of several days, and you (or they) may accept terms or the deal may fall apart. This happens sometimes, even with everyone’s best efforts. When a deal falls apart, it is important to keep moving along and work toward generating a new offer as soon as possible. Sometimes, multiple offers may come in. In these cases, we will go over the pros and cons of each offer, and offer guidance on how to make the best deal for you possible.

When you have decided what response you want to have to the offer, we will skillfully and assertively negotiate on your behalf to elicit your desired outcome.  Jay is especially adept at negotiation, and was extensively trained in his prior career as a successful insurance negotiator. We have worked hard to gain a good reputation and the respect of other agents, and this has also helped our clients on a multitude of levels during transactions.  

It goes without being said (but we will say it anyway!) that our loyalty is with you at all times, including superseding loyalty to ourselves. Here is an unfortunate truth—there are some agents who may try and work a deal that is not in the best interests of their clients simply to make a paycheck. We have always firmly believed that if we always do what is best for our clients, we will always have repeat and referred clients, and will will do just fine. Happily, this has been the case since day one of our real estate careers! 

Hilary and Jay are thrilled to be real estate agents based in in Oro Valley, AZ. We also proudly serve the surrounding areas of Marana, Catalina and Tucson. We love this area! Want to sell a home in Oro Valley? Interested in learning more about buying and selling real estate in Tucson and the surrounding areas? Want to know how much your Tucson, Marana, Catalina or Oro Valley home is worth?

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